In December of 1980, the Ashland Soil and Water Conservation District received ownership of the Hazel Willis Woods. Walter Willis gave the 40 acre woods in loving memory of his wife and specified that the land must be used as an outdoor educational laboratory for all ages. In addition, Mr. Willis endowed the District with a cash gift to make the woods self-supporting. The cabin, garage and loop road were constructed prior to the District receiving ownership.


Since acquiring the land, the Ashland SWCD has added to the property outdoor restrooms, a hand pump water well, pavilion and spring tank for wildlife. Seven trails are maintained from the cabin area and Loop Road. Water bars have been constructed to divert surface runoff from the steep cabin drive.


Blessed by the guidance and hard work of many of its friends, the Hazel Willis Woods is a self-contained classroom that continues to unfurl its leaves and expose the miracle of life to young adventuring minds and the young at heart.

Truly a gift for all and all that are to come -


Several school classes visit the woods annually. If you are interested in scheduling a trip to Hazel Willis Woods please contact our office.