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Jerome Fork Watershed Grant

Ashland SWCD recently received a watershed grant from the Ohio Department of Agriculture to focus on improving water quality in the Jerome Fork of the Mohican River, which is home to over 50 percent of Ashland County’s population. The five priority management issues are: watershed management, cover crops, computer modeling, manure management, and stormwater management. For more information on the Jerome Fork Watershed grant, please call Ashland SWCD at 419-281-7645.

  1. Watershed Management

The Ashland SWCD is spearheading a community-wide effort to identify and prioritize water quality and conservation needs in the Lang Creek watershed of the Jerome Fork of the Mohican River. We are particularly interested in identifying both point and nonpoint pollution sources, conservation concerns, critical areas, etc. By identifying these resource concerns and priorities, we can develop a plan to identify and prioritize necessary steps to improve the water quality of the Lang Creek watershed, which will have positive impacts downstream in the Jerome Fork, the Mohican, and all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.Ashland SWCD developed a survey to identify what those in the area feel are the most important issues regarding Lang Creek. Please fill the survey out here:

2. Cover Crops

Cover crops can play a vital role in both improving soil health and water quality. Not only can cover crops improve water quality and soil health, they can increase on-farm profitability, reduce pollution, reduce erosion, and much more. Unfortunately, cover crops can be costly for farmers to implement. Through this grant, farmers are able to receive funding for cover crop cost share programs. Contact District Technician Erica White at 419-289-4828 for more information.

3. Manure Management

In an effort to promote proper manure management practices, the Ashland SWCD provides one complimentary manure sample analysis per calendar year to producers who submit up to date manure application records! These records can be kept in our 2019-2020 manure calendar (stop into the office to pick one up!), online, or using the OnMrk app. For pricing of manure testing and available analysis packages, call our District Technician, Erica White, at 419-281-7645!

4. Stormwater Management

Most of Ashland County is without stormwater regulations becuase of the primarily rural makeup. The absence of stormwater regulations in the county have resulted in a culture where the majority of residents lack an understanding of water managemtn concepts and practices. There is a growing need for residential and on-farm stormwater education. Streambank stabilization and restoration projects are being planned for the Jerome Fork.

5. Computer Modeling

Ashland County farmers want to make the right choices when it comes to nutrietn managemtn, but they don’t always have know what the right choice is. Crop and nutrient models can present farmers with a variety of scenarios to help them make the choices that are right for their operation. Computer modeling allows producers the opportunity to experiment with different management practices and see the results without having to wait an entire crop season to see the results. Ashland SWCD will be working with leading agriculture retailers to put new, high-tech computer modeling tools into the hands of farmers in 2020, including the Field Forecasting Tool, Adapt-N and On-Field Ohio!.