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Stream Exclusion Fencing

AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING WATERSHEDS: MWCD Jurisdictional boundaries of the Jerome, muddy, clear, lake, and black forks

FUNDING SOURCE: Muskingum Watershed conservancy District

100 years ago, farmers had no choice but to utilize farm streams to water livestock. Today, we know there are better alternatives that protect our soil and water resources. Thanks to the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District and the Fish & Wildlife Service, Ashland SWCD is excited to offer 100% cost share on approved livestock stream exclusion fencing projects for farmers within the jurisdictional boundaries of MWCD. The program can pay up to $10,000/producer for stream exclusion fencing, improved crossings, and even off-stream watering development. For more information, contact Erica White at 419-289-7645 to set up a site visit to identify your resource concerns and how this project might fit into your operation.